Welcome to the BAART Programs website!  BAART Programs began providing San Francisco drug treatment services to several hundred heroin addicts back in 1977. Today, BAART Programs is a multi-service organization providing drug treatment and rehabilitation for patients across the country. We offer treatment for addiction to prescription medications such as oxycontin and methadone, as well as alcohol, marijuana, other opioids. Through a number of clinically proven methods including suboxone treatment, we have used evidence based methods to bring the best results possible to the individuals we work with. Combining medical treatment with the behavioral services that BAART offers, continues to be the most successful option for many of our patients.

In addition to drug addiction treatment, BAART Programs provides primary medical care and mental health services through a network of fixed sites and mobile vans. Now serving five states and over 5,000 people per day, we blend state-of-the-art drug and medical services with a dedicated staff offering personal, caring, and individual attention to each of our patients. Our quality care has been recognized by state and federal governments and accreditation organizations, as well as patients and their families.

With treatment services and programs in California, Arizona, Vermont, Nebraska and North Carolina, BAART has extended across the nation in our efforts to help patients get the help that the need to overcome their drug addictions. We are committed to quality community healthcare and addiction treatment in the Bay Area and many other communities through the following: