Mission Statement


Mission Statement:

BAART Programs’ mission is to provide people with cost-effective, comprehensive substance abuse treatment and other health care services at
its clinics or through community linkages, and to make such services available to as many people as possible who seek them. By doing so, BAART Programs can foster the health, happiness, longevity, and self-reliant, responsible behavior of those individuals, help them recover from substance abuse, and benefit our communities.

Treatment Philosophy:

Individualized treatment can best meet the needs of the patients and help them advance through the stages of change toward recovery

Effective treatment depends on careful assessment and treatment of each patient’s physical, psychological, and social needs; working with the patient “where they are at.”

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease, and should be treated as such in a medical and psycho-social manner

Comprehensive, affordable treatment has the best chance to be effective in the resolution of chronic substance abuse problems

Family or support network involvement is crucial for long-term success